Auto-enrolment – Accountants

Choosing The Right Pension Scheme – Providing Solid Guidance

It is likely that many of the clients you act for will seek guidance from you in choosing the right pension scheme for your client.

Choosing the right pension scheme is difficult; on one level all auto-enrolment schemes must conform to “auto-enrolment qualifying status” but if the employer finds out that other auto-enrolment schemes in the market are better, it could raise awkward questions.

Many accountants are choosing as a default the NEST scheme; which is offered by the Government. NEST leaves it to the employer to ensure that they are auto-enrolment compliant whereas we take on that responsibility. Getting auto-enrolment wrong leaves the employer with a large fine.

Clients with an existing pension scheme

Some of your clients may have an existing pension scheme. Is it auto-enrolment qualifying?

To help find out we offer a free review of the scheme to check that it has the relevant hallmark features. Our review is backed by our comprehensive professional indemnity policy that gives you comfort in the knowledge that the information provided is assured.


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