Auto-enrolment – Employers


By giving us some basic information our calculator will tell you when you need to auto enrol, how much it will cost you over the next three years and which staff can be exempted. To do this we will need your PAYE reference number. The number will look like this: 819/WE2143B. We will require basic staff information, such as salary and age.

Once we have this information we will produce a report which covers everything you will need; the report will also integrate a terms of business for you to agree and then sign online.

With your consent, all employees will receive a welcome pack either online or at home for their workplace pension scheme. They can opt out if they wish, by confirming it to us in writing and we will notify you of this.

We will deal with all queries by your staff about their pension entitlement and will provide each employee with login access to their account. Online chat is available for any questions they have.

At the payroll date, you will need to provide us with payroll data for contribution collection, and we will check that data before monthly contributions are picked up. You will have login access as an employer in respect of all contributions being collected and whom they have been applied in favour of.

Each year you will receive a report from us about how the pension scheme is being managed and how we have performed by independent auditors.

We will take away the headache of the additional responsibility for operating auto-enrolment for your business and we guarantee the work that we do.


Golden Egg Partnership has been developed for the business community.

The business community is faced with the challenge of introducing pension provision for it’s workers with ensuring that the administrative costs from set up to maintenance is manageable and not a drain on resources.

Golden Egg Partnership has been designed so that the ongoing running cost of the scheme is met from the fund and not from your business.

The on-going contribution you will be required to make has been structured so that you will get an immediate national insurance saving against payroll costs.

With 100,000 employers a quarter set to enrol over the next 2 years this is also your opportunity to showcase your products and services to new customers via an online community which already has 25000 members.

Joining the online community and getting your business in front of new customers will not cost you a penny but places will be limited so get ahead now.

Golden Egg Partnership serves you as the most tailor made solution for you and your business.

To save you time and hassle we have tabled the top pension questions for you.
If your answer is not here, email or call us and we will do our utmost to help you.

We hold professional indemnity insurance to cover all aspects of non-compliance in respect of the auto-enrolment process. If you receive a fine because of a mistake we make, we will pay that penalty on your behalf including where we have given you incorrect information. It does not cover you where we ask you to do something and you do not undertake that instruction.
We can notify your staff, or if you prefer provide you with template wording which conforms with the Pensions Regulator’s requirements.
We can auto-enrol and get you complaint within 24 hours through our online system.
Yes, we can provide a meeting with you and a staff presentation and enrolment at your convenience.
It depends on how many employees join the scheme. Broadly, your on-going cost will be 1% of your payroll until 1 October 2017. It will increase after that date. Some employees may not need to be automatically enrolled – we will help you with this.
This may be possible. Please call one of our auto-enrolment advisors they can advise if it is auto-enrolment qualifying.
There are different ways of finding out, either through your own research or by taking regulated advice from person experienced in this area. If you are seeking a regulated advisor, we can put you in touch with an independent advisor. Many firms are seeking guidance from their accountant on selection of the right pension scheme. We have produced a guide for your accountant to help them with this process.
Yes we can, we will put it in place for you. By giving us some basic information we will tell you when you need to auto enrol, how much it will cost you over the next three years and which staff can be exempted.
(a) Check whether any or all of your staff are exempt.

(b) Find out when to put in place a pension scheme.

(c) Ensure that your payroll system is compliant

(d) Give certain information to your employees.

(e) Nominate a point of contact at the firm

(f) Assess how it should be implemented.

The Government now places legal obligation on the employer to ensure that workers are covered by a pension scheme. They require you to put in place an action plan to implement this.


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