Mis-Sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)


PPI is insurance cover offered by lenders to consumers taking out a loan, credit card or mortgage to cover the monthly payments should you become sick, unemployed or suffer an accident.

In recent years it has been found that many PPI policies have been Mis-sold, or worse still, added without the borrowers’ knowledge. In the current economic climate some borrowers will be looking to claim on their insurance only to find that it is invalid.

If any of the following apply, you may have reason to claim:

  • Was the fact that PPI was optional made clear to you?
  • Were you told that you had to take out PPI at the same time as the loan?
  • If you had to pay for the PPI as a single payment, did the adviser make it clear that the insurance cost would be added to the loan and you would be paying interest on it?
  • Were you unemployed or self-employed at the time of the sale?
  • Were you working 16 hours a week or less when you were sold the PPI?
  • Were you sold PPI when you were on contract work?
  • Were details of your medical history not asked for?
  • You were told that you had to take the PPI out at the same time as the loan
  • You were not asked whether you had any other insurance which would cover the loan
  • Were details of your medical history not asked for?
  • You were not told you could buy PPI elsewhere to cover the loan
  • You were sold a policy which had age restrictions which you fell outside of
  • You were told that you would stand more chance of getting the loan if you took PPI
  • It was not explained to you that there were certain exclusions within the policy
  • You were pressured into buying the PPI
  • You paid upfront for the PPI but it was not explained that you could pay monthly
  • Your PPI had an upfront premium and you paid the loan off early but did not receive a refund
  • You increased your loan and the PPI was automatically increased
  • The Terms & Conditions of the small print were not fully explained to you

You can purse a claim for a Mis-sold PPI that has been paid off within the last 6 years or if you are still paying it.

Debt Free Ireland can arrange for your loan, credit card and mortgage documentation to be obtained and evaluated. If so and your claim is successful you may be entitled to a refund of some, and possibly all of the payments made to date plus interest.


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